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Felix35071's Spirit Filter v3.13b (1.15.2021) forum thread

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Intro - Welcome to Spirit+

This item filter is designed for all players of Path of Exile - from the 10,000 hour veteran to the complete noob - across a variety of playstyles including trade, solo self found, party play, and racing. The filter will hide items based on their apparent worth to your build in the current area. Items with other notable qualities are shown with their own highlights.

Intro2 - An item's FontSize is determined dynamically throughout the filter using Filterblast syntax (which is used throughout, the raw filter will not launch in game), disqualifying blocks reduce the size and highlighting blocks tend to leave it unaltered or increase the size.

Build Highlights

Items for your build that meet these requirements will display with a pink square. A square in general represents the likelihood that the item has a usable base in the current area. The default state of the filter has Off Build rares showing, and all build overlays Removed (every top rare would be pink otherwise).

Weapon Info

You can set your minimum weapon rarity and any weapon types you can use here. If you are seeking a base for an Alchemy Orb or are in a No Magic/Rare item private league you can set the Threshold to Normal to continue displaying items for your Build.

Weapon Upgrades - Are you seeking weapon upgrades?

Weapon Threshold

Weapon choices

Quivers - Are you seeking a quiver upgrade?

Quiver choices - Which quivers do you use?

Armour Info - You can set your minimum armour rarity and any applicable type/slot combinations that are viable here. You don't have to empty every checkbox to disable a type, just switch the toggle to Remove.

For example, toggling on AR, AREV, and ARES but leaving only Boots available in ARES allows control over the flexibility of your gearing choices.

Armour Threshold

AR Upgrades - Are you seeking AR upgrades?

ARSlot choices

EV Upgrades - Are you seeking EV upgrades?

EVSlot choices

ES Upgrades - Are you seeking ES upgrades?

ESSlot choices

AREV Upgrades - Are you seeking AREV upgrades?

AREVSlot choices

ARES Upgrades - Are you seeking ARES upgrades?

ARESSlot choices

EVES Upgrades - Are you seeking EVES upgrades?

EVESSlot choices

Accessories Info - You can set your minimum jewellery rarities and any accessory bases you want to use here.

Ring Upgrades - Are you seeking Ring upgrades?

Ring Threshold

Ring choices

Amulet Upgrades - Are you seeking Amulet upgrades?

Amulet Threshold

Amulet choices

Belt Upgrades - Are you seeking Belt upgrades?

Belt Threshold

Belt choices

Gearing - Here you can customize your Flasks, Gems, and racing toggles.

LifeFlasks - Do you need updated life flasks?

ManaFlasks - Do you need updated mana flasks?

UtilityFlasks - Do you need any Utility flasks? Choosing Hide instead of Remove will allow the filter to highlight your choices while hidden.

MyFlasks - Remove flasks from this list until you have the utility flasks you'll use.

LinkColors - Input a color combination here when looking for specific links. RRG, RRRRR, BBG - will show an item with that combination of sockets.

GemDrops - Do you want non-build gems to show while leveling?

MyGems - Add gems you know you'll use here, they'll show with a pink minimap icon and beam effect. Any field requiring quoted items requires a space between each item.

ChromaticJewels - Which < Rare chromatic jewels do you want to see?

SizeBasedSize - This toggle removes the added layer of size based scaling applied before anything else. This makes smaller items (like rings and currency) have a larger nameplate and larger items (like 2handers) have a smaller one. Items with a FontSize applied elsewhere in the filter are not affected by this toggle. This is a preference option, nameplates will be overall a bit smaller).

OutdatedRares - Do you want ANY rare to show?

OffBuild Rares - Top-base rares by area level will show with this toggled on.

OffBuildRare Beam

Mapping - Here you can customize which Atlas bases you want, which maps or regions matter to you, and what tier of map you're active in (if you want to hide lower maps).

Atlas Choices - These are drop-restricted bases that can be found only in specific regions of the Atlas. If you're only looking for certain ones just remove the ones you don't want.

AtlasBases - Do you want non-rare Atlas bases to show?

AtlasBases Rare - Do you want Rare Atlas bases to show?

AtlasBases84 - Do you want iLvl 84+ Atlas bases to show?

MyMaps - You can use the lists below if you know what you're looking for, adding a beam, green quest-like icon, and changing the text color. Make sure you add "Map" to the names.

Haewark Hamlet

"Cemetery Map" "Plaza Map" "Leyline Map" "Channel Map" "Ramparts Map" "Atoll Map" "Palace Map" "Fungal Hollow Map" "Excavation Map" "Grave Trough Map" "Arachnid Nest Map" "Waterways Map" "Summit Map" "Caldera Map" "Terrace Map" "Core Map"

HaewarkHamlet Region

Tirns End

"Coves Map" "Moon Temple Map" "Underground River Map" "Wharf Map" "Fields Map" "Factory Map" "Temple Map" "Shore Map" "Mud Geyser Map" "Desert Spring Map" "Chateau Map" "Silo Map" "Mesa Map" "Colonnade Map" "Bazaar Map" "Coral Ruins Map" "Port Map"

TirnsEnd Region

Lex Proxima

"Academy Map" "Glacier Map" "Sulphur Vents Map" "Overgrown Ruin Map" "Vaal Pyramid Map" "Geode Map" "Courtyard Map" "Reef Map" "Peninsula Map" "Volcano Map" "Frozen Cabins Map" "Underground Sea Map" "Crater Map" "Spider Forest Map" "Defiled Cathedral Map" "Jungle Valley Map" "Crimson Township Map" "Cold River Map" "Phantasmagoria Map" "Thicket Map" "Cursed Crypt Map" "Overgrown Shrine Map" "Park Map" "Lava Lake Map" "Carcass Map" "Vaal Temple Map"

LexProxima Region

Lex Ejoris

"Alleyways Map" "Armoury Map" "Arsenal Map" "Beach Map" "Bog Map" "Bone Crypt Map" "Burial Chambers Map" "Cells Map" "Conservatory Map" "Crystal Ore Map" "Dig Map" "Dungeon Map" "Forking River Map" "Primordial Pool Map" "Sepulchre Map" "Waste Pool Map"

LexEjoris Region

New Vastir

"Arachnid Tomb Map" "Belfry Map" "Colosseum Map" "Crimson Temple Map" "Desert Map" "Dunes Map" "Foundry Map" "Laboratory Map" "Pit Map" "Relic Chambers Map" "Shrine Map" "Siege Map" "Strand Map" "Vault Map"

NewVastir Region

Glennach Cairns

"Acid Caverns Map" "Ancient City Map" "Arcade Map" "Basilica Map" "Cage Map" "Graveyard Map" "Grotto Map" "Haunted Mansion Map" "Iceberg Map" "Infested Valley Map" "Lava Chamber Map" "Malformation Map" "Museum Map" "Plateau Map" "Residence Map" "Scriptorium Map" "Spider Lair Map" "Stagnation Map" "Sunken City Map" "Tower Map" "Tropical Island Map" "Villa Map" "Wasteland Map"

GlennachCairns Region

Valdos Rest

"Arena Map" "Arid Lake Map" "Ashen Wood Map" "Bramble Valley Map" "Canyon Map" "City Square Map" "Dark Forest Map" "Dry Sea Map" "Gardens Map" "Ghetto Map" "Ivory Temple Map" "Lair Map" "Maze Map" "Mineral Pool Map" "Necropolis Map" "Orchard Map" "Pen Map" "Promenade Map"

ValdosRest Region

Lira Arthain

"Barrows Map" "Castle Ruins Map" "Courthouse Map" "Estuary Map" "Flooded Mine Map" "Forbidden Woods Map" "Lighthouse Map" "Lookout Map" "Marshes Map" "Mausoleum Map" "Pier Map" "Precinct Map" "Primordial Blocks Map" "Racecourse Map" "Shipyard Map" "Toxic Sewer Map"

LiraArthain Region

5L - Are five linked items valuable to you? An item with your link colors will still show (Set in Other Gear)

Quality Recipe - Toggle quality highlighting for equipment and flasks (other types of quality are independent).

SmallChromatic Recipe - Adds a background, minimap icon, and beam effect.

SmallChromatic lvl - By what AreaLevel would you like these chromes to hide?

LargeChromatic Recipe - Adds a background, minimap icon, and beam effect.

LargeChromatic lvl - By what AreaLevel would you like these chromes to hide?

Chancing - Do you Chance items? Choosing Remove will nullify the next option.

Chances - Using a chance orb on a Normal rarity item has a very small chance to turn it into a Unique of the same base (more common uniques are easier to chance).


Leagues - Onslaught, Anarchy, Nemesis, Domination, Ambush, Invasion, Beyond, Rampage, Bloodlines, Torment, Tempest, Warbands, Talisman, Perandus, Prophecy, Essence, Breach, Legacy, Harbinger, Abyss, Bestiary, Incursion, Delve, Betrayal, Synthesis, Legion, Blight, Metamorph, Delirium, Harvest, Heist, Ritual



AbyssJewels - Which < Rare abyssal jewels do you want to see?

ClusterJewels - Which < Rare cluster jewels do you want to see?

Color picker's pallete:  



Equipment - Rare


Glennach Cairns


Haewark Hamlet


Highest Tier Equipment by DropLevel per area


Highest Tier Equipment by DropLevel per area - Rare


Jewellery Highlight


Large Chromatic Item


Lex Ejoris


Lex Proxima


Lira Arthain


Medium Chromatic Item


New Vastir


Small Chromatic Item


T0 Uniques


T1 Uniques


T2 Uniques


T3 Uniques


T4 Uniques


Tirn's End


Valdo's Rest


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