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FilterBlast is free web-based tool and platform created to help Path of Exile community to effectively make, share, update and enjoy ingame loot filters.

Special Thanks to: Greengroove, EpicFail42, xhul, Felix35071, Antnee and NeverSink for helpful feedback and early support.


  • Filter Distribution Platform with friendly User Interface
    • FilterBlast hosts various item filters created by Path of Exile community members and allows to choose and download within few clicks
    • Hosted item filters updated regularly (most of them use auto-update feature), so you will always download latest version of desired filter
    • Visual preview feature lets you see how selected filters highlight items, compare and choose filter that fits your needs best!
    • Some filters have customization options, which appear in the interface, allowing you to easily tune it for your needs
    • "Save/share" button will copy unique link, which remembers filter and options you chose, helping you to easily share it with friends or update whenever you want.
    • Also the link is saved as comment at start of the filter file, so you can easily upgrade later even if forgot to save the link before.
    • Color theme and sound scheme editors, which allow more deep customization and fine tuning
    • Advanced mode for experienced users and filter creators, where you can edit selected filter or even code your own and test changes on the fly
  • Extended item filter parser
    • Every filter you download here is passed through extended parser, which:
    • Fully supports standard PoE item filter syntax and checks the code for errors
    • Optimizes a filter by resorting condition-commands in blocks, which may improve filter's performance in the game
    • Cleans up a filter, removing all duplicate or reduntant commands and values without any harm to it's functionality
    • Supports popular community's syntax such as Color Tags or SmartBlocks (Block Groups), which automaticly transform into customization UI
    • Has own extended syntax, which allows to write an item filter with less code and more readability
    • Also extended syntax allows to specify Custom UI Options, bringing filter customization to a new level
  • Help sections
    • At Help page you can find various helpful information related to item filters

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