FilterNova: Item Filter Auto-Updater / Update Notifier

Current version: 2.1c

This tool uses FilterBlast API to check version of your favourite filter(s) and auto-update filter files on your PC if there is new version - or optionally only notify you about updates. It also can be used as filter installer, since it creates unexisting filter files on first run.

All you need to do - is just to configure it once and run. The script checks for update each hour. Each check gets info within ~100 bytes of data, so it's just a ~2 Kb/day.

The tool comes as source code in ".ahk" file, which can be executed using popular AutoHotKey program. If you don't have AutoHotKey installed - you can download it from official site.

It's recommended to get script via Configuration UI below, but you also may Download FilterNova for manual configuration (via Notepad-like editors).

More info about how this tool works and what features it has are available at PoE forum thread. You're also welcome to post your feedback there!

Get FilterNova script via Configuration UI:

Tooltip Mode - when you play PoE tooltips will be displayed (at the right side of the screen) instead of notification window.
Select filter(s):

The script will include those settings: