FilterBlast Updates / Patch Notes

Support FilterBlast:

18.08.22 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.19 Lake of Kalandra league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added new Currencies, Divination Cards, Skill Gems, new Base Types of Rings and Wands into appropriate itemsets
  • Added new Memories, Pieces and Misc Map Items into "Map Fragments" itemset
  • Updated Map list and tiers
  • Removed "Sentinel Currency and Drones" itemset

12.05.22 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.18 Sentinel league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Aded new "Sentinel Currency and Drones" itemset
  • Added new Currencies, Divination cards, Quest Items and Support skill gems
  • Updated Map list and tiers
  • Removed Archnemesis mod items

03.02.22 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.17 Siege of the Atlas + Archnemesis league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Aded examples of Archnemesis mod items to Higlights itemset
  • Added new Currencies, Map Fragments, Misc Map Items, Divination cards, Atlas Upgrade Items, Pantheons, Quest Items and Support skill gems
  • Added new Base Types to Quivers itemset
  • Updated Map list and tiers
  • Removed Scourge itemsets, Prophecy itemset and other items related to removed game content

03.02.22 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax conditions: ArchnemesisMod, HasSearingExarchImplicit and HasEaterOfWorldsImplicit.
  • "Prophecy" condition is temporarily supported to keep not-yet-updated filters compatible and viewable, but support of this condition will be removed later after the league launch.

21.10.21 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.16 Scourge league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added "Currency: Scourge" itemset with all league-related currencies
  • Added other new (non-league) Currency to corresponding itemsets
  • Added new Map Fragments, Divination cards and Active skill gems
  • Updated Map tiers
  • Updated Expedition and Watchstones itemsets based on Expedition and Atlas changes
  • Added, renamed and removed various items, based on info from official item filter information post
  • Scourged items and Blight-ravaged maps have corresponding tags in an item's tooltip
  • Note: Base Armour/Evasion/ES/Ward is supported by FilterBlast parser but not present in visual preview for now, since those values were significantly changed in 3.16 and we don't have exact info on them yet and gathering that data and updating the database would take a time.

20.10.21 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax conditions: Scourged, UberBlightedMap, BaseArmour, BaseEvasion, BaseEnergyShield, BaseWard, BaseDefencePercentile
  • Minor bugfixes and optimizations

22.07.21 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.15 Expedition league

  • Added Expedition itemset with all league-related item types and bases
  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added new Currency items and Divination cards
  • Added new Active skill and Support gems, updated names of changed gems
  • Added new Base Types of Flasks, Helmets, Gloves and Boots to related itemsets
  • Updated Map tiers
  • Some minor changes, based on info from official item filter information post

14.04.21 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.14 Ultimatum league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added new Currency items, Incubators and Divination cards
  • Added new Map Fragments and Misc Map items
  • Added new Active skill and Support gems, removed "Blood Magic Support" gem
  • Added various new Base Types
  • Enabled Unique variations for some Base Types (based on revealed official info on new Unique items)

13.01.21 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.13 Echoes of the Atlas and Ritual league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added new itemsets: "Ritual Base Types" and "Watchstones" (previously watchstones were included in "Map Fragments" itemset).
  • Added new Currency and Divination cards
  • Added new Maps and Updated Map tiers
  • Added new Map Fragments and Misc Map items
  • Added new Active skill and Support gems
  • Removed "Harvest" itemset (which had Seeds and Enhancers) since those items now removed from the game
  • Updated names of 1 gem and 1 helmet basetype due upcoming changes

13.01.21 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax condition: EnchantmentPassiveNum
  • Added support for updated syntax of CustomAlertSound action, HasExplicitMod and HasEnchantment conditions
  • Some performance optimizations

18.09.20 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax condition: GemQualityType
  • Alternate Quality Gems' item name now have exact value of GemQualityType instead of regular "Superior".

17.09.20 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.12 and Heist league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added Heist itemsets: "Items", "Rogue Equipment", "Experimented Base Types", "Alternate Quality Gems" and "Replica Uniques".
  • Item tooltips now also have highlighted statuses for Replica Uniques and Gems with Alternate Quality.
  • Added new Divination cards
  • Added new Active skill gems and Support gems
  • Updated names of 3 gems and 1 basetype
  • Updated Map tiers
  • Updated "Uniques" and "New Uniques" itemsets with items known at the moment
  • Fixed inconsistencies of incursion items examples in "Special Explicit Mods" itemset
  • Harvest "Currency" and "Seeds" itemsets now combined into single "Harvest" itemset for legacy compatibility purposes

16.09.20 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax conditions: AlternateQuality, Replica

03.07.20 Visual Preview and itemsets update Harvest 3.11.1

  • Highlights and Harvest Seeds itemsets are updated with new "Seed Enhancer" items.
  • Added 4x new "Lure" map fragments (they weren't announced by GGG like other new items, but players found them in the game)

18.06.20 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.11 and Harvest league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added Harvest "Currency", "Infrastructure" and "Seeds" itemsets
  • Added new map fragments: "to the Goddess" and "Winged" Scarabs
  • Added new "Idigo Oil" currency
  • Added new Active skill and Support gems, updated names of 2 renamed gems
  • Added new Divination cards
  • Updated Map tiers
  • Added "New Uniques" itemset and updated Uniques based on what's known so far

17.06.20 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new syntax command: EnchantmentPassiveNode
  • Added support for "None" value of HasInfluence command
  • Boolean commands (like Corrupted and Indetified) now also accept = and == operators before the value, it doesn't change anything but some people like to write those here.

12.03.20 BlastParser update

  • Added support for new colors of beam effect and minimap icons: Cyan, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple.
  • Added support for new shapes of minimap icons: Cross, Moon, Raindrop, Kite, Pentagon, UpsideDownHouse.

11.03.20 Visual Preview and itemsets update for 3.10 and Delirium league

  • Highlights itemset is updated to cover up examples of new and other important items
  • Added "Delirium items and currency" itemset
  • Added new Jewels, Gems, Divination Cards and Map Fragments to their corresponding itemsets
  • Updated "Maps" itemset according to new official maps list
  • fixed a recent bug which made all items in selected itemset to display without styles, if at least one item would not be able to spawn in selected area level due droplevel restriction (thanks to hoennhide for a catch)

17.02.20 BlastParser and Visual Preview update

  • Added support for new syntax commands: Mirrored, AreaLevel and CorruptedMods
  • Added support for new Continue command and new blast-syntax Discontinue command (removes previously defined Continue, useful in Branches or in customization options). Continue demo template (check on Boots itemset)
  • Added support for new "nullifying" values in MinimapIcon (-1), CustomAlertSound ("None"), PlayAlertSound, PlayAlertSoundPositional and PlayEffect (None)
  • Visual Preview logic is updated and shall react correctly to new logic of Sockets and SocketGroup and new commands Mirrored, AreaLevel, CorruptedMods and Continue.
  • Changed optimization of output order of commands based on recent and upcoming changes
  • Comments are now allowed in a line with any other command since GGG changed this in recent patches (in previous versions PoE shown in-game errors due such comments, so FilterBlast parser didn't allowed them too)
  • For extra optimization and compatibility there is no more extra syntax checks which could return errors (in logical situations like Sockets > 7, which will always fail) but wouldn't return error in game. Those extra syntax checks will be available again in future updates as option in Advanced mode (since they're useful only while editing filter code)
  • Plenty of minor code tweaks and optimizations
  • Known issue: if "None" value used in customizable sounds and you customize via UI it incorrectly applies "NaN" value instead (sound sliders in UI doesn't know None value). Not sure if "None" should be available via sound type slider at all.

11.12.19 v1.9i - Metamorph League

  • Added support of new filter syntax: HasInfluence (must have any number of those exact values: Shaper Elder Crusader Redeemer Hunter Warlord)
  • Visual preview:
    • Updated "Highlights" itemset with examples of all new item types
    • Changed Item Classes: Rune Dagger > Rune Daggers, Warstaff > Warstaves
    • Added "Metamorph" itemset with Catalysts and Metamorph Samples
    • Added "Watchstones" into "Map Fragments" (update: they actually don't count as "Quests" in-game for filters, despite GGG pre-league filter info)
    • Added new Currencies, Map Fragments, Divination Cards and Gems into their corresponding sets
    • Split "Gems" into multiple itemsets: Drop-Only, Active, Vaal, Support and also added Awakened Support itemset.
    • "Maps" itemset is not updated yet, since GGG didn't provide new list of maps, like they did before
    • Added few items with Influence to "Highlights" itemset and added Influence indication to the tooltip
    • Added "Items with Influences" itemset with one example item for each Influence type
  • FilterBLAST will soon support authentication via PoE account and integration with new PoE account item filters features (most likely with auto-sync even for customized filters)

04.09.19 v1.9h - Blight League

  • 01.10 update: Added support for == "Exact Match" operator
  • Added support of new filter syntax: BlightedMap
  • Updated "Highlights" with all new and important stuff you need to see
  • Default item level in preview area is now 86
  • Added "Blighted Maps" itemset, which contains all maps with BlightedMap flag
  • Added "Currency: Blight Oils" itemset, which contains Blight league-specific Oils currency
  • Updated "Maps" itemsets with new map tiering for the league
  • Added new items into "Map Fragments", "Divination Cards", "Gems" and "Currency: Legion" itemsets
  • Added new Base Types of Rings and Wands (into "Accessories" and "One Hand Weapons" itemsets): Vermillion Ring, Cerulean Ring, Convoking Wand
  • Updated Classes of Daggers (some of them are now "Runic Dagger"), Staves (some are "Warstaff" now) and Delve Resonators in "Weapons" and "Currency: Delve" itemsets
  • NOTE: It's recommended to use "Rune Dagger" and "Warstaff" class namings, as provided by GGG in a news post. Don't use "Rune Daggers" and "Warstaves" because those may not work in the game.

05.06.19 v1.9g - Legion League

  • Added "Currency: Legion" itemset, which contains all new Splinters, Emblems and Incubators.
  • Updated "Highlights", "Maps", "Divination Cards" and "Gems" itemsets.
  • Hotfix 1: updated "Highlights" and "Currency: Legion" itemsets after GGG's change of info on their classes.
  • Hotfix 2: updated many itemsets since items without rarity in-game now count as Normal rarity for filters.

06.03.19 v1.9f - Synthesis League

  • Added support of new filter syntaxes: FracturedItem, SynthesisedItem, AnyEnchantment, HasEnchantment.
  • Updated "Highlights", "Maps", "Gems" and "Divination Cards" itemsets.

05.12.18 v1.9e - Betrayal League

  • Added support of new filter syntax: Prophecy.
  • Added new "Betrayal Veiled Mods" and "Special Explicit Mods" itemsets.
  • Added new "Currency: Prophecies" and "Currency: Delve" itemsets.
  • Added Bestiary Orb and Incursion Vials into "Currency" itemset.
  • Added Scarabs and Reliquary Keys into "Map Fragments and Misc Items" itemset.
  • Updated "Highlights", "Maps", "Gems" and "Divination Cards" itemsets.
  • Removed redundant itemsets of previous leagues.
  • Preview area now also shows minimap icons.
  • Save system improvements (only affect new saves).
  • Some filter auto-update system improvements.
  • The site moved to 2nd level domain name and switched to HTTPS.

29.08.18 v1.9d - Delve League

  • Added support of new filter syntax: MinimapIcon, PlayEffect, CustomAlertSound, MapTier.
  • Updated Highlights itemset with new important items examples and added Delve itemset with all new items.
  • Visual preview now supports Minimap Icons and Beam Effects - displayed as coloured text.

30.05.18 v1.9c - Incursion League

  • Added support of new filter syntax: HasExplicitMod, StackSize, GemLevel.
  • Updated itemsets for 3.3 content update.
  • Visual preview is updated to show Explicit mods, examples of valuable indentified magic items are added to Highlights and Incursion itemsets.
  • Server upgrades and improvements, which significantly improved the site's performance.

01.03.18 v1.9b - Bestiary League

  • Updated itemsets for 3.2 content update.
  • Added 85 and 86 to zone level selector in preview area.
  • Added SetGlobalDisableDropSoundMode command - globally removes/adds DisableDropSound command to filter's blocks, which fall into desired conditions.
  • Some bugfixes.
  • FilterNova v2.1 update:
    • Fixed a bug, where internet connection issues would force tool to stop working. Now it will just show tooltip message about temporary error.
    • Added 2 seconds delay before checking for updates, to give PC some time to restore connection after hibernation.

07.12.17 v1.9a - Abyss League

  • Added support of new filter syntax: ElderItem, ShaperItem, ShapedMap.
  • Released FilterNova (filter auto-updater/notifier tool) + configuration UI on site.
  • Added new parameter for filter author's auto-update.config: LinkToUpdateDetails [link]. It's used by FilterNova tool to ask a user if he want to check update details and visit this link. if this parameter is not defined, the tool will use ForumThread link instead.
  • Updated itemsets in visual preview: new Abyss League items, Elder and Shaper items examples and also re-tiered maps and shaped maps in new format.
  • Outdated filters' title now starts with * OUTDATED * in red color to make it more clear, that it's not recommended to use as is.
  • Added Rebirth and Oni-Garoshi to Highlights itemset.

06.09.17 v1.8

  • Advanced mode's Editor now has layout toggle (hooray to wide editor!)
  • Advanced mode's "Reparse" button now located at bottom control bar. "(Reparse) & Reset Options" button is removed, since it works exactly as "Reset customization".
  • Added new Currency types and other items to Visual Preview's itemsets. Also Area names in Zone level switch are updated too. Thanks to Chuanhsing for datamining and POEDB!
  • Added new AlertSounds files. Thanks to Flinna for extracting and sharing them in Atom Package for item filters!
  • Added support of "PlayAlertSoundPositional" and also new extra syntax command "SetGlobalSoundPositioning default/on/off" so you can switch positioning for all sounds in filter with one line of code.
  • Parser now optimizes the code with new "ItemFilterAlert" prefix of sound IDs, keeping only sound numbers, which works same way.
  • Updated PoE Default Filter to v3.0
  • Options now can have no title, which may look better when grouping few options related to same thing. Syntax: SetOption ... # no title
  • Added Extended List of Filters page. Filters, which are not updated after a patch with major item filter changes and don't highlight new valuable item types now will be hidden from "Select Filter" dropdown list. Experienced users still can access outdated filters and modify them via unique link or extended list page.
  • Added FilterBlast API for other developers.
  • Added new command "AlertSound mode", where mode can be Disable / Enable (or Mute / Play). This command allows customization of audibility for some filter block patterns, while keeping sound theme customization independent.
  • Small performance optimizations

11.06.17 v1.7

  • Improved item sizing in Visual Preview - now it's more close to real in-game appearence.
  • Reworked "Highlights" itemset. Added "All Uniques" itemset. Added Shaped maps to "Maps and Fragments" itemset.
  • Itemsets now also has few RNG modes with different quantity and rarity modifiers. Few modes (with Identified and Corrupted items) will be added later.
  • Zone Level switch now has location names to assist you in preparation to races :) Also now there is two RND level modes for weird experiments.
  • Items now may get +1 or +2 to itemlevel to imitate drops from Magic, Rare or Unique Monsters. Due that ItemLevel added to tooltip.
  • Items which may have quality now can randomly get it (excluding items from "Highlights" itemset), just like they get sockets and links.
  • Improved chance to get "Tabula Rasa" in "Body Armours" itemset. Kaom's "Glorious Plate" and "Titan Greaves" now have correct amount of sockets :o)
  • Some UI improvements (including new place for measurements)

13.05.17 v1.6

  • Filters now may have separate selectors for Presets, Color and Sound Themes. The code has been reworked to allow partial changes of customization, so changing preset will not reset user-made customization of color and sound themes and vice versa. For example check out Greengroove's and NeverSink's filters.
  • NOTE: Previously all themes of Neversink's filters were in "Preset" selector, which affected the save/share url generation. If you want to use previous save, which had preset with non-default theme, PM me and i'll convert it for you manually to new format. Auto-conversion will be added later, if there will be enough requests.
  • Added ability to specify in filter's config file predefined files with color and sound themes (like Presets). In-code support of such themes will be added soon!
  • Added support of Filtration's ".filtertheme" format - currently available only for integrated filters via config file, for advanced users this will be later available as built-in import tool.
  • Icon in "Refresh Preview" buttons now rotates when loading is in process.
  • Branch command now supports SmartBlocks. Parent block still can have SmartBlock definition too - so any combos are possible!
  • Some UI improvements, code optimization and minor bugfixes

27.04.17 v1.6 beta

  • This is beta version, few features are still in development. There may be bugs - please provide your feedback - it's very helpful!
  • Options with type info and link now support multiple values. All links in one option will be displayed on one line (with spacing). All values in info option will be displayed as separate paragraphs.
  • Resize mode of SetGlobalFontSizeRange now also affects blocks without SetFontSize command (adds it with resize based on middle value), so now it's definetly global.
  • Fixed small bug in preview: check for Class/BaseType was not case-sensetive (thanks Geistbear for report)
  • Updated default value of FontSize for actual one: 33 (Wiki was wrong, thanks to xhul for finding this out)
  • Fixed bug with SetOption's "Default value": now it works as intended.
  • Added new command SetTab [Tab Name] - which allows to group options in tabs. Every option after SetTab will be added to that tab. You still can add options outside tabs, using "SetTab None".
  • Added parsing mode for not-wrapped disabled blocks (wrapping is still recommended). This mode is already applied to Neversink's Lootfilter, so now it's UI shows commented SmartBlocks too.
  • Now parsing modes can be changed in filter script itself via SetConfig.
  • SetConfig now has param $DisabledBlocks with possible values: ignore, detect, wrapped. If you want to use "detect" be sure to not put space between # and Show/Hide, otherwise it'll count as regular comment.
  • SetConfig now has param $BlockGroups with possible values: off, neversink, smart. "smart" uses standart SmartBlocks syntax.
  • Parser now mutes (volume = 0) PlayAlertSound in hidden blocks, instead of deletion. This helps with items, which already have sound by game's defaults.
  • Added Sound theme editor. It supports SetSound command (recommended), but also can use PlayAlertSound comments as sound tags.
  • Added Color theme editor (currently beta version). Currently only supports SmartColors, but extra syntax for setting Themes and Colors will be added soon!
  • Tabs with smartblocks, sound and color theme can have customized placement via SetTab [Tab name] (Tab name = "Block switches" / "Color theme" / "Sound theme")
  • SetConfig $SmartBlocks_Position has been renamed to $SmartTabs_Position, since it now affects whole auto-generated tab set with Blocks Groups and Theme Editors.
  • Added @ prefix detection in SmartBlocks, to mark blocks which associated with custom UI options, same way as ~ advanced SmartBlocks.
  • Added slider type to SetOption, for more easy customization of numeric variables.
  • Fixed rare issue with unsuccessful saves in advanced mode, which happened only for filters with over 1000 UI options (including block switches), now limit is 10000 which hopefully should be enough for a good filter. (thanks to alhazred70 for bug report)
  • Improved Item sets (some re-arrangements, updates and fixes)

03.03.17 v1.5

  • Added sound preview feature: by clicking on item in preview you can hear it's ingame drop sound.
  • Parser now removes PlayAlertSound from hidden blocks (there is no sense to notify about items you don't want to be warned)
  • Added new command type "SetConfig" and it's first parameter. Now filter makers can change position of SmartBlocks in UI with "SetConfig $SmartBlocks_Position top"
  • Added special option to add empty lines in UI option for better appearance. Usage: "SetOption $EmptyLine" (don't add anything to "$EmptyLine")
  • Added "Legacy League changes" item set - so now you can check how filters highlight new stuff!
  • Implemented auto-update feature for integrated filters. If your filter is already on FilterBlast - i'll message you soon with info how to make this work.
  • Added previous/next filter switches
  • Improved UI layout with wide preview and updated tilesets
  • Added PoE Default item filter - so now you can compare it with others (thanks to Bex for providing 2.6 default filter file)
  • Fixed recent bug with Save/share feature in Advanced mode
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements

26.02.17 v1.4

  • Added Item Sets feature to Visual Preview: now you can switch this to see how will look different items of selected set on current zone level.
  • Some bugfixes and improvements

13.02.17 v1.4 beta

  • This is beta version, some features were post-poned to next patch.
  • Added Visual Preview feature. Now you can preview all integrated filters, compare and choose what fits your needs best!
  • Visual Preview has switchable backgrounds, location level and also can emulate "alt" to show hidden items. More preview features will be added in next patches.
  • Advanced mode now shows filter's performance benchmarks (under Resulting Code preview): initial loading time and processing time of preview items. This is relative data - the game's parser works differently and may have different performance results.
  • Reworked and improved user interface ( be continued!)
  • Advanced mode now always saves filters code (this is experimental and may be reverted back to Empty Template only).
  • SmartBlock's options (|Comment / |Remove) now can be applied to Hide state too, replacing Hide, but still allowing to switch to Show
  • Added "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons to SmartBlock UI
  • Some minor bugfixes

15.01.17 v1.3

  • Added Unique Link generation for specific filter and chosen options. Added "Save/share" button to help players get permanent link to their customized filter. Also the link is saved as comment at start of the filter file, so you can easily upgrade later even if forgot to save the link before.
  • Implemented configuration files for filters, which allow to store general filter information, presets and color themes, and links to sources at github/pastebin/etc for future auto-update feature
  • Custom Options now can be used together with SmartBlocks, allowing even more powerful UI tweaks
  • Extended syntax now can be used in comments with special suffix ("# //! " for commands and "# //$ " for replacable values). This can be used to make customizable UI while keeping source code compatibile with PoE parser.
  • SetGlobalFontSizeRange now has optional "mode" parameter, which defines behavior: "limit" cuts off exceeding values, "resize" compresses value from default to a new range. If not specified - defaults to "limit".
  • Added special highlight and note for Advanced SmartBlocks
  • Added support of Neversink's section format, which now works as SmartBlocks
  • Replaced regular textareas in Advanched mode with Ace Editor, which shows line numbers and later will be tweaked to highlight filter syntax.
  • Added "& Reset Options" variant of Reparse button at Edit Source Code in Advanched Mode. Reparsing status is now indicated at Reparse button.
  • Changed behavior of "Edit/View Code" button in Advanched mode: now it scrolls page to code editor/preview, instead of switching their visibility
  • Improved error handling and comment parsing
  • Some small bugfixes and optimization
  • Updated help pages

06.01.17 v1.2

  • The platform now has 2 modes: default and andvanced.
    • Default mode is simplier and more user-friendly.
    • Advanched mode is useful for more experienced users and filter creators.
  • Added SmartBlocks (Block Groups) support, which now appear as UI options tree
  • SmartBlocks now can have visibility option at the end of the line ("|Remove", "|Disable" or "|Comment"), which allows more customization, while not affecting Filtration in any way
  • "Comment" commands now outputs with Filtration's Disabled Block syntax and has optional parameter "Show"/"Hide" (if empty - uses "Show")
  • Added "Disabled" and "Disable" block commands which are Filtration-like aliases for "Comment"

03.01.17 v1.1

  • Parser now returns detailed info of errors in filter code
  • Added new command: SwitchTo value - allows to switch visibility of a block (especially useful in SetTag), possible values: Show, Hide, Comment, Remove. Also value can be empty which allows more flexibility with Options.
  • Added new command: SetSound $Var_Name id volume # description - which later will be editable in Sound Scheme editor UI
  • Parser now removes all duplicate or reduntant commands (note: new equation conditions replace previous "=" conditions to allow flexible use of Tags and Branches)
  • For "BaseType" and "Class" commands parser now removes duplicate values
  • Fixed small bug when comments of "Class" command would not output

31.12.16 v1.0a

  • Added new UI option types: "info" and "link"
  • Options and variables in their value now allow nesting of other options/variables
  • Options and variables now can store @tags

31.12.16 v1.0 Initial Release